Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Date                               Theme                                                      Rosary &Novena                  Mass

27/9/2013 (Friday)       Living in Simplicity                                 6.30pm                                 7.30pm

28/9/2013 (Saturday)  Being Little Flowers of Christ              5.30pm                                 6.30pm

29/9/2013 (Sunday)     Christ, Our Elevator                              8.15am                                 9.00am                           
                                                                                                                                                       followed by

                                                                                             Eucharistic Procession &   Benediction. 

There will be Fellowship  after Mass on Sunday (29/9/2013).

Those who would like to donate for the St Theresa Feast Day in cash/ kinds, food, flowers, please see Mrs Maria Pakianathan or Mr Edward Tan(Cash).

Mass Offertories:-

28/9/2013 (Saturday)  Ministries  Up to the Ministries 

29/9/2013 (Sunday)  BECs and indviduals  We are collecting the following items for the poor:-

  Category 1  : Rice, Oil,  BiHun

  Category 2  : Beverages (Milo, Nestum, Milk Powder)

  Category 3  : Canned Food (Sardines, Baked Beans)

  Category 4  : Detergent (Bath and laundry Soap, Shampoo)

  Baskets will be put out after mass,

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